Women of the Bible

Each day I read the Bible, and something new "leaps" out at me and brings me great joy. The Word has themes, one that stands out to me is "serve and fear the Lord and you will be rewarded". There are many stories of women in the Bible, some more known than others. Each story ultimately brings God glory, they also should bring you the reader, faith, hope, understanding and the will to move forward in your life  no matter the situation. We all have a past and it is just that!! If we ask Him, God will forgive our sins (Psalms 32:5) and remember them no more. There is no need to hold guilt over past sins and failures. One of the devils greatest tricks is to keep you thinking about what you did. Let go of the past and let God use you.


Mathew 28:1-8

Although Mary Magdalene (whom Jesus casted out 7 devils; Mark 16:9) and the other Mary were afraid, they were told by the angel to fear not. But to come and see and then go quickly and tell, they did so with great joy. I'm sure that these women did not think for one minute that they would not be believed, but they were not (Mark:16:11), but the women kept telling the good news. The unbelievers were chastised by the Risen Christ for not believing the women (Mark:16:14).

Be the giver of good news, be the example, be the one who assumes the burden. Let go of  your negative past, fear guilt and shame. God will use you.


God will work through anyone to fulfill His purpose, big or small (although there are no  "small" purposes to God, only man). Rhoda (who was at the house of Mary, the mother of John), Acts 12:12 was there in a domestic capacity, but knew who everyone was. After Peter was supernaturally released from prison by the angel of the Lord (Acts 12:7). He knocked on the door and Rhoda came (Acts 12:13). She knew it was Peter but did not open it, she went back to tell the others. Acts 12:15 states that the other people told her that she was "mad", but she held her ground and told them that Peter was at the door. Still not willing to take her word, some said "it is his angel". Peter continued to knock (Acts 12:16), they discovered that it was indeed Peter. Was Rhoda ever told thank you for not giving up, was she told that she was not "mad", no matter she moved through the distraction and God used her.


Prayer will give you the strength and the courage to do things that you would not normally do, or even think about doing. When you pray to the Father, it changes you in a positive way so that the things you think are beyond your reach, seem to be closer, the impossible can happen. Luke 18:1-8 talks about a widow and a unjust Judge (Jesus is telling the story). This is a powerful story and a woman once again is used to show what faith in God can and will do. In Jesus day widows were not well protected, if there was no husband to stand up for them, the "system" would not do it. A widow woman was basically on her own. Even though everyone had rights, sometimes those rights were pushed aside. People should pray and never stop and never give up. When you look at the world with a natural eye 'it" , for the most part looks bad. This widow woman went to a Judge to get what was coming to her. She stood before a Judge who could care less for God and man for that matter. This Judge did not do anything that was fair, he did what he wanted to do. But this woman who was considered to be (when you get right down to it) nothing in society, kept coming and would not stop!! She might have known what the system thought of her, but in God's eyes she was the best of the best (as we all are). So she moved beyond fearing man and kept trusting God. Luke 18:4-5 says that the Judge said no at first, but after awhile he said, I care nothing for God or man, but this woman will worry me to death unless I help her.

So this woman who really had no change of winning, wore the Judge down and was avenged of her adversaries. (Luke 18:3) A praying woman is very powerful and the impossible will happen. This kind of tenacity and will to not stop is something that everyone should strive for in their life.   


I learn more each day that it does not matter what your profession is , Doctor, Lawyer. Office Assistant, Café Worker or Housewife. If you are willing to stand up for what is right (and you know what is right, in a given situation), you can be victorious in what you do. There is no fear or shame in a quick thinking, God fearing woman. Victories come in all sizes. Jael  was a housewife, the wife of Heber. She went softly (KJV), but the Message Bible states she "tipped-toed" over to Sisera, who after escaping death after all of his men were killed, thought he would be safe with this woman. Yes, there was some peace (Judges 4:17), but nevertheless she took a tent peg and a hammer and drove the tent peg through his temple and it went through to the dirt (Judges 4:21), he died. For the greater good this woman showed supernatural strength and helped the enemies of God fall. As Barak pursed Sisera, Jael came to meet him, saying  here is the man you seek. (Judges 4:22).


Rahab a Amorite was not a woman who served God, in the beginning. The 1st part of her name RA, was the name of a Egyptian god. There have been those who have tried to prove that she was not the woman that the Bible, the Word of God says that she was. Why?, shame, fear, subject to bold. When she hid the 2 secret agents, she was working in the oldest profession in the world. She later became the wife of Salmon (one of the secret agents she sheltered). Thus becoming the mother of Boaz, who married Ruth, from whose son Obed-then Jesse-then David-then Jesus. (some translations have different spellings of Rahab's name) But this is about who someone once was and what they became.

Rahab was a "hooker", it was what she did for a living. Who really knows why she was that or why anyone is that. She is included in our Lord's genealogy and she is called a woman of faith, (Hebrews 11:31). Rahab was a very wise woman, she heard what happened at the Red Sea, (Joshua 2:10), just like everyone else, but knew that God had given the land to His people, (Joshua 2:9). I said she was wise, she had her own house, but still was connected by the heart to her family. In Joshua 2:11, she proclaims God as the God in heaven above and in earth beneath (KJV). She honored God and asked that her family and herself be honored by Him and saved from death, (Joshua 2:13) God did honor her and her family by "bringing-them-out" and then the city was burned with fire, (Joshua 6:22-24). (The gold, brass and iron was taken and put into the treasury, Joshua 6:18, God tells them not to take any idols into themselves, as they will be cursed if they do so, teachings on this later) Our Lord was associated with people who were sinners and did all sorts of vile things. But it was His Atoning Blood that washed away  our sins. We are not the judges, God alone judges, we are to edify and build up the body of Christ. We are to find the good in every man, woman and child and "call-it-out-of-them"!!. Your past does not matter, what you are doing at this very minute does not matter. If you ask, God will forgive. You will become a new person in Christ, the old you will die as you plead the blood of Jesus over your life.


Crack addicts




Glory seekers

and on and on and on....

If you ask, God will forgive.

I want to make this abundantly clear, crystal clear, clear as a bell. God will use anybody, anybody can be used for His purpose. I decree and declare that the children of the night are coming out of darkness and that the blood of Jesus will flow onto the streets and cleanse them.