James 2: 15-17, tells us that we are to provide for our fellow person. If we see that a need exists, we are compelled to assist.

Heartmakeovers Program



It is hard enough to deal with Cancer in any form that it arises. The activities of daily life must continue. Depending on the circumstances, this added burden could possibly take away blocks of time set aside for normal activities. This is the time that you realize that any help you receive brings much added relief. The Heartmakeovers Program is designed to do just  that, while providing a more personal one-on-one interaction with the client. The need exists all the more to maintain a personal relationship with yourself. At this time it seems that everyone wants a" piece of you".

A stable environment is one key to success. We will provide a beautiful, quality wig, sometimes wigs are needed, at other times they are just a lot of fun!!

Pictured is Wanakee, a friend (not a Heartmakeovers staff)  and a lovely client (middle) that I learned a great deal from. She had a rock solid foundation and faith in God. We were visiting at her location of treatment.

If you would like more information about the Heartmakeovers Program or if you just have questions, feel free to email your inquiry to:


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