James 2: 15-17, tells us that we are to provide for our fellow person. If we see that a need exists, we are compelled to assist.




Cancer is one of the most devastating illness that can affect people, no matter what form it takes. Reasons for cancer occurring in the human body range from heredity to environment. Normally the "common" cure for cancer can be more devastating than the cancer itself. Great movement is taking place outside of the "norm" for treatment of this disease. People are reading and gaining understanding of the human body and how it is a "wonder to behold". Correction in diet and drink (as in understanding ingredients) along with exercise and understanding that there is something greater than yourself, is helping to turn a cancer diagnosis into something to be fought! 

In the HEARTMAKEOVERS PROGRAM we speak on the diagnosis and offer "food for thought" concerning the human body. We understand that we are made in the image of God and that He wants us whole. We offer information on "21 Days of Goodness" and we partner in prayer.

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