Faithful Woman Enterprises

Faithful Women Enterprises is made up of three Power Steps. Each step of training speaks differently to women, depending on where they are in processes of life. We all learn and grow at different stages and at different rates.We will continue to learn as long as we live, learning and developing is enjoyable, as we can pass on what we learn and establish as truth to those that we love and care about. More importantly we will be better able to embrace our true selves and prosper. F.W.E. speaks to the words and language that we use to communicate, as we know that communication that is granted to human beings is unique to us as no other animal can communicate in the many different ways that human's can. Human speech/words are very powerful.

F.W.E. believes that the human body is a temple, something to be cared for and enjoyed. The maturing body is in constant need of healthy food, healthy amounts of rest and as much as is humanly possible a stress free atmosphere. We believe that we have some answers to "age-old-questions". Healthy communications is absolutely one way to reduce stress. We believe that the human body is a miracle, and each of us are in charge to care for what we have been given.

F.W.E. know that some people believe that humans are naturally evil and some believe that humans are naturally good, we all watch each day and see the results of pure hatred. Even people who don't necessarily believe in love or hate can see a difference when these two action words are acted out. We know that most people simply don't know what to do to help. then there are others who want to help and show some kindness but are afraid of being laughed at. The politics of life say that not all can play the game, because if everyone could play there would not be enough resources to go around.We have discussed some alternatives 

FAITHFUL WOMAN ENTERPRISE would love to connect with you, to talk about what you are doing in your community. As you speak from one of our Power Steps. We want to be your cheer team, as you speak to concerns and share your insight. We all have a purpose, lets talk about yours.